Art projection and action in Brussels

Art projection, performance and action at the Fassade of Altierio Spinelli Building in Brussels

Come and see the 'sculptural performance' at the façade of the European Parliament's entrance (A.Spinelli) - bring your colleagues, enjoy the art performance and discuss with us!

Visual and auditive aspects will question how we can realise a sustainable way of life for all - What are the consequences of our (over)development on other parts of the world? What does it mean concretely to live sustainably?

Get inspired, let us know your opinion and become active in the European Year for Development EYD2015

All the screen and monitors, the running motors, the assembly lines churning out brand new, cheap stuff – we need to dial back. Many of the things that are supposed to improve our lives only seem to make them more complex. There are countries that do without this extra stuff – we often call them underdeveloped, but wouldn’t that make us #overdeveloped? The truth is, all any of us really wants is a good life... may mean rethinking our habits... Jumping on our bikes, for example, rather than sitting in a traffic jam.

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