Our hold over the world’s raw materials

Our hold over the world’s raw materials – Facts and eyewitness reports from the Congo, Peru, Ecuador, Nigeria and the Arctic over the downsides of our consumption

We now know that our level of consumption is not sustainable or transferable to the rest of the world. We simply consume too much of the world's resources and pollute the environment too. For example, in 2008, Europeans used over 40 kg of material per person per day, an Asian only 24 kg, and an African less than 15 kg (Schmidt-Bleek, Grüne Lügen, 2014).

In this exhibition we look more closely at the "indirect material flows associated to imports", and their effects on the exporting countries. This is understood to mean the total amount of substances that are moved in the country of origian required to obtain the raw materials that we import, so for example the entire overburden of mines. 

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