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Climate Alliance
"Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples" is the European network of local authorities committed to the protection of the world's climate. The member cities and municipalities aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their source. Their allies in this endeavour are the Indigenous Peoples of the rainforests in the Amazon Basin.
Founded in 1990, more than 1.600 cities, municipalities and districts in 23 European countries have since joined Climate Alliance. Regional governments, NGOs and other organisations are able to join as associated members.

L'Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM) est une ONG de développement luxembourgeoise qui lutte depuis 1969 pour l'émancipation politique, économique et sociale des peuples du Tiers Monde. Elle est guidée par la conviction que des obstacles majeurs à cette émancipation se trouvent localisés chez nous, dans les centres du pouvoir économique et politique. C'est pourquoi nous reconnaissons une égale importance aux trois volets de notre activité : appui aux populations dans les pays du Sud, information et sensibilisation au Luxembourg et plaidoyer politique en faveur d'un changement dans les rapports Nord-Sud.


Klima-Bündnis Luxembourg

Nadace Partnerství
Czech Enviornmental Partnership Foundation, in short Enviornmental Partnership, is a leading Czech foundation and NGO supporting sustainable development solutions.

Climate Alliance Austria
Climate Alliance Austria is a global partnership to protect global climate. Under this partnership, Climate Alliance Austria has been supporting Indigenous Peoples of the Upper Rio Negro in the north-west Brazil since 1993. Climate Alliance Austria has eight regional offices in each Austrian province.Main aspects of Climate Alliance’s work in Austria are information and awareness raising, networking and training of partners and the implementation of projects and campaigns.

Reflex Environmental Association/ Climate Alliance Hungary
Reflex Environmental Association has been operating since 1987 as one of the most decisive organizations of the Hungarian environmental civil movement. Our main objective is to preserve natural and physical environmental values in order to protect the essential conditions for the future generation as well as to create harmony between nature and human activity.
Reflex Environmental Association has been cooperating with the Climate Alliance Austria since 2004. The first common project was a cross-border programme. In 2009, as a result of successful cooperation, national environmentalist organizations, including Reflex, have established the Climate Alliance Hungary, which has 28 members at present.

Focus Eco Center


City of Tirgu Mures

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