Climate Alliance is kicking off a Europe-wide campaign with local authorities and partners in 10 countries for the European Year for Development (EYD2015). Municipalities interested are encouraged to take part and get both themselves and their residents to take a critical look at how we want to live in the future and how we are going to get there. What does a ‘good life’ really mean?

The focus is on Europe’s (over)development as well as our role and responsibility in fighting climate change, inequality and dependency. Raising awareness amongst decision makers at all levels and sensitising them to such topics is crucial to achieving strategic political decisions for sustainable development. Sustainable development, in all its dimensions (social, economic, ecological), has been identified as a key objective in the EU consultation process towards a post-2015 development framework. European local authorities are responsible for these dimensions on a local level.

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Why wait, when I can shape my city?

Cities and towns are where life really happens. How can this life be made into a good life? Both for individuals and entire communities?

Join the campaign, reach out to your citizens and start a new movement. Whether posters, postcards or adverts in buses - we can gladly supply digital materials free of charge. Get involved and join in!

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Materials for Download

Croatian Version (Zip-File, pdf, 82 MB)

Czech Version (Zip-File, pdf, 84 MB)

Dutch Version (Zip-File, pdf, 83 MB)

English Version (Zip-File, pdf, 102 MB)

French Version (Zip-File, pdf, 89 MB)

German Version (Zip-File, pdf, 100 MB)

Greek Version (Zip-File, pdf, 82 MB)

Hungarian Version (Zip-File, pdf, 81 MB)

Italian Version (Zip-File, pdf, 82 MB)

Luxembourgian Version (Zip-File, pdf, 81 MB)

Portugese Version (Zip-File, pdf, 88 MB)

Romanian Version (zip-File, pdf, 89 MB)