The land we grab - seizing tropical rainforest and soil

We Europeans use much more land for our consumption of food and raw materials than we have available in Europe itself. Special attention is paid to land grabbing - the recent agressive form of seizing land - without forgetting, however, that we ourselbes, with our European way of life propel this scramble for land... and that we can also slow it down again.

This exhibition shows examples from the Amazon and Africa of what the consequences are for the people there, and shed light on various aspects of the global dimension to our consumption.

24 different panels show examples from Brazil, Bolivia, Comeroon and Romania, beside these countries, the exhibition offers further background information about the topic of land grabbing and global considerations.

Thomas Brose, t.brose(at) 

Silke Lunnebach, s.lunnebach(at)

Sara Schmitt Pacífico, s.schmitt(at)