Climate change and the increasingly intensive exploitation of natural resources are destroying the livelihoods of millions of people. Social inequalities are also on the rise in industrialised countries, jeopardising attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

What does this have to do with my local Authority?

Every single one of us can contribute to greater global equality!

Cities and municipalities make a decisive contribution to the resolution of global problems. As the interface between the national and European levels as well as the local population, they can instigate positive changes. As the local administrative level, local authorities afford the necessary expertise, and are responsible for the economic and social infrastructure as well as for the urban planning and development. They are closest to the citizens and their needs, and can raise awareness for sustainable change processes among the general public. Local authorities therefore actively contribute to attainment of the MDGs.


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Climate Change as the focus of Municipal Partnerships

The project "50 municipal climate partnerships by 2015" was launches in November 2011. Since this time, nine German municipalities have cooperated with their partners in Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa on joint programmes for climate protection and adjustment to climate change. The climate partnerships offer both partners the opportunity to combine their own climate protection activities with international commitment within the scope of a municipal partnership. In 2012, further 14 climate partnerships with municipalities in Latin America and the Caribbean could be won for the project. Continuous development of the project is also planned in the coming years.

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