What does the MDGs to do with Local Authorities?

Every single one of us can contribute to greater global equality!

Cities and municipalities make a decisive contribution to the resolution of global problems. As the interface between the national and European levels as well as  the local population, they can instigate positive changes. As the local administrative level, local authorities afford the necessary expertise, and are responsible for the economic and social infrastructure as well as for the urban planning and development. They are closest to the citizens and their needs, and can raise awareness for sustainable change processes among the general public. Local authorities therefore actively contribute to attainment of the MDGs.

Foto: Dominik Schmitz; Engagement global / SKEW

New publication: local authorities acitve for the Millennium Development Goals – Context and examples of development policy committment in Bonn, Oxford, Potsdam, Nagykanizsa and Villach

The role of municipalities as key actors in the search for solutions to major global challenges such as poverty, resource scarcities and climate change is increasingly being recognised – also politically.

A recent memo from the European Commission to the European Parliament, European Council, European Economic and Social Committee, and Committee of the Regions regarding more effective development outcomes calls for enhanced governance by empowering local authorities.

Many cities and municipalities in Europe have been actively involved in local development cooperation for some time now. Besides entering into partnerships with municipalities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, they also support local projects, form part of development policy networks and have added the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to their political agenda.

The publication was created within the scope of the EU -financed project, “Networking in Europe: Local Governments meet the MDGs”. It provides an insight into concrete activities and networking in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary and Austria. Moreover, it reveals what potential for change still exists in the cooperation between the political sphere, local authorities and civil society, and makes suggestions of what can be done. 

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