Munich's partnership with the Asháninka people in the Peruvian rainforest

In the 90s, the City of Munich joined the "Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest People" network.

Amongst other things, it is committed to the protection of the tropical rainforests and to supporting projects of its indigenous partners. Within the scope of this commitment, Munich entered into a partnership with the Peruvian rainforest people Asháninka that rests on three pillars:

  • Education and information campaigns to raise awareness among the citizens of Munich for the meaning of the Amazon rainforest;
  • Support for specific projects in the Peruvian rainforest according to key aspects determined by the Asháninka and
  • Political support to protect the rainforest and its inhabitants.

The partnership is jointly organised by the Nord Süd Forum München and the One World Office at the Department of Public Health and the Environment at the City of Munich. 

"The cooperation with Munich is positive and important for us because it is greatly valued by the Asháninka villages. These are projects in which they can decide for themselves and therefore they actively participate." Teddy Sinacay, Office for Sustainable Development of the Asháninka in the Rio Negro district, Peru).  

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