Impressions of past events

A lot of municipalities are participating in the "Action for MDGs" project. The large offer of acitvities are greatly appreciated by the municipalities. Schools, envoirnmental departments and other insitutions use the offer of Clima Alliance for theri awareness raising projects and to create more sensibilite for themes like climate justice. Have a look at some past acitivities which took place in Climate Alliance member municipalities.

Art action with Michael Müller

The artist Michael Müller worked with some children from the City of Bielefeld for one day on questions about future and how the future could be. "How do you want to live in the future?", this is the main question of the art action. After an introduction to the topic, the kids started painting their ideas in small groups. In the end the four painitings revealed the Earth within the ideas about the future.

How do you want to live in the future?

So many interesting ideas were developed within the art actions in different cities. Have a look at these nice painting and get inspired for a sustainable future for all!

Satellite images with Geoscopia

Frankfurt, Den Haag or another Climate Alliance city: with Geoscopia you can see the world from above.

Impressived pictures and facts about the transformation of the rainforst in South America are shown and discussed with the envoirnmental education organisation "Geoscopia". They show the participants the effects of our consumption on the envoirmental in the whole world. The workshops provides a new perspective on different regions in the world and shows the consequences of human intervention  and consumption.

The lecture is suitable for schools, the local council or also for a public presentation.

Feel free to contact geoscopia or Climate Alliance if you are interested in this activity.

Fair Play soccer game - a different way of playing soccer

What starts as a normal football game, as the referee takes over, soon becomes an impressing lesson on responsibility, solidarity, justice and the need for changes in our societies in order to reach a sustainable development and “a good life for all”. During the football game participants and spectators experience personally, how unfair rules, the distribution and use of resources and the effects on a global level are.

The Fairplay-soccer game is thus a very good opportunity to create consciousness on the global footprint of our societies, its implication for climate change and its ecological and social effects. It furthermore creates consciousness on the issue of poverty and enables to create a feeling of solidarity with partners and people in general in the south.